成功准則由人定,量力衡情勿怨天 。


Swallows fly southward at the sight of
changes in plants and scenes.
Frogs hibernate to escape
the cold that winter brings.
The agility of apes and monkeys is
genetically determined;
the growth of grass and trees is
environmentally influenced.
If a horse is too wild to ride,
ride one of the docile kind;
if there is no hope this year,
hope for the best next year.
You alone determine the criteria for success.
Set a realistic goal and stop blaming God
for your misfortune and distress.




A sailboat moves slowly on a limpid lake.
The snow around the peak
is visible one hundred miles away.
Butterflies flutter and orioles fly:
they incite past regrets.
Water runs and flowers wither:
they bring out sad feelings.
Glory and fame?
They are but the shadows of
waning stars in the sea.
Wealth and high position?
They like the sound of surging waves
in a cold river.
The fleeting clouds come and go,
but where are they now?
Only the blue sky is always
there for this hilly city.

秋懷 (一)


*漢武帝時, 舉賢良,馮唐已九十餘歲

Autumn Feelings (1)

I feel sad when the red leaves
keep drifting down over my head.
Crickets never cease chirping
loudly from the rotten weeds.
Where have the birds gone?
Where do they now perch?
I feel uneasy to see frost
moistening the evening dust.
The sight of the withering flowers
reminds me of the arrival of late autumn.
When the chrysanthemums begin to look dull,
we know that air has turned cold.
Feel blessed and take whatever life has to offer.
Don’t be as regretful as Feng Tang.*
Take it easy and enjoy the glow of the setting sun.

*Feng Tang was already ninety some years old when he was called upon to work in the government by Han Wu Di, the emperor of the Han Dynasty.

秋懷 (二)


Autumn Feelings (2)

The autumn wood has changed
its colors to dull yellow.
For miles, it has become so desolate.
Last night, a violent wind caused
the leaves to fall.
This morning the skinny chrysanthemums
are covered with light frost.
Birds are nowhere to be seen;
the garden has returned to
quietness once again.
I feel sad that many of my friends
are gone forever.
Summer and winter come and go
in the same order.
But where can we meet again
and hold our cups together?



Finding the Graveyard

Silently and sadly, we went up to
the desolate hill.
With misty vapor rising, the ground was
covered with weeds.
The gravestones were either tarnished
or buried in the ground.
After years of rains and storms, the graves
were collapsed or treaded upon.
Burning joss sticks and joss money,
I tried to gulp down my sobs.
The scene aroused sadness as I struggled
to restrain my tears.
Life is full of sorrows for us to bear.
One of which, past and present, is a
mother’s premature death.



My Old Friends

At dusk, the autumn clouds
start to disappear.
Leaves falling, the trees
attract even fewer birds.
Age of youth will never last.
Time, once passed,
is gone forever.
My old friends diminish
in number from year to year.
Those who know my heart
are increasingly scarce.
Suddenly I learn that
you have passed away.
How can I not shed my tears!



Facing Life’s Challenges

Life is like a dream.
Gone are youthful years of hope and dreams.
Mists are illusory, so are wealth, high
position, and fame.
Bone and heart transplantation can
hardly slow the process of aging.
A calamity can still find its way despite
our best efforts to prevent it from occurring.
Forbearance and persistence are needed
to pass through the dangerous path.
In adversity, letting nature take its course
may be our best bet.
We should free ourselves from fixation,
let our feelings and ideas fly.
Having weathered the storm,
we again will see the blue sky.

途中雨暴千湖漲,風狂萬木搖。 霧濃天地接,地滑路途遙。 上路愁風雪,行舟怕浪潮。 人生無直路,處處有通橋。

On the Way

As the torrential rains
overrun the lakes,
the violent wind blows thousands
of trees to sway.
The sky and earth merge
on a foggy road.
When the ground is wet,
the distance appears even more remote.
Before embarking on a journey, we
worry that we may face a snowstorm.
To travel by water, we may be afraid
of tides and waves.
There is no such thing as
a smooth road in life,
but there is always a bridge
wherever there is a way.



練功 寧神靜立腳分開。兩手緩緩向上抬。 意想清流通肺腑,氣隨疏指化塵埃。 形鬆意順心無慮,足穩頭輕血不頹。 每日運行三十次,春心或許會重回。

Practicing Qigong

First calm your mind,
then stand up with two feet apart.
Raise your hands slowly until your fingers
pointing toward each other.
Mentally think of a clean current that flows
to your lungs and cavities.
As you lower your hands with loose fingers,
let your 'qi' sink to the ground.
Think of nothing but relaxing your body
and allowing your mind to calm down.
Blood shall not be stagnant if you stand up firmly and avoid a heavy head.
If you do this exercise thirty times every day,
maybe your youthful spirit
will be back one day!



Alzheimer’s and Poetry

To avoid Alzheimer’s disease,
I learn to write poetry.
Knowing very little about the sounds
of ping ze, I start to compose
a poem in the form of ci.
I do so while walking almost every day.
While I might have scared Alzheimer’s away,
I have since become addicted
to the online Web pages.